Fundamentals of HVAC & Electricity

31 - 2, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
3951 Westerre Pkwy # 350, Richmond, Virginia 23233
(804) 747-4771
12 seats remaining

This class is designed to explain all components of heating and air conditioning systems, and explain how they are incorporated into the system.

This class will help you be better prepared for the AX and N4 classes.

We will cover different types of heat and the different ways that heat is transferred.

ASHRAE standards and units will be explained.

Boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and air handling units how they work and their applications will be discussed.

Dampers - different types and their applications explained.

All basic points of electricity, testing different components, taking voltage readings, going over laws and formulas, and practice labs

Motors, motor controls,  and troubleshooting will be discussed.

We will touch on Building Automation System.

Safety and how important it is.

                                                                     Course outline

History of HVAC                       FMS System                                 Types of Heating & Cooling Systems

Pneumatic Controls                 Heat-Temperature-Pressure          Types of Heat

Heat Transfer                           ASHRAE Systems                         Compressors & Chillers

Cooling Towers                        Air Handling Units                          Unit Ventilators & Fan Coils

VAV Systems                           History of Electricity                       Electricity & Components

Motors & Motor Controls         Switches                                         Fuses

Troubleshooting                       Variable Frequency Drives            Control Loops

Dampers                                  History of HVAC Controlls             Building Automation System