Distech VT3002 Certification Virtual

9 - 13, 2024
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Instructor-Led Virtual
6 seats remaining
2,500.00 USD

Course Overview:

The goal of the 5-day, Distech Controls Application Controllers Certification is to familiarize experienced System Integrators with the commissioning and startup of an EC-BOS 8 and Distech BACnet controller procedures. Students will use Distech Controls software and applications through practical labs to gain the understanding and skills needed to successfully program and configure BACnet controllers and networks.

This course will be held virtually but presented live from our instructor. The training will allow our instructors to present Distechs products, solutions, controllers, software tools and applications via Microsoft Teams. Expect to dedicate a full week to learn and interact live with our solutions. This course REPLACES the VT6002 certification. 

Course Objectives:

  • Distech-Controls online software and resources
  • Using XpressGFX Points
  • Building a fan-coil unit project using Xpresspoints and EC-GFX program
  • Commissioning an EC-BOS and installing support pack distribution file
  • EC-Net 4 Networking
  • BACNET MSTP Addressing, Device ID and Best Practices
  • Going live with EC-GFXPROGRAM
  • Configuring the X50 series LCD screen
  • Confriguring the EC_SMART_VUE controller
  • Modifying a pre-engineered application (Demo)
  • Deploying VAV pre-loaded applications using a Template
  • Synchronizing time between controllers using an EC-BOS 8 as the master time reference
  • Building a multi-sheet AHU project
  • Using XPRESSNETWORK utility (Eclyspe)
  • Configuring a BACNET IP controller (Eclypse)
  • Configuring the Allure -Unitouch Sensor
  • Eclypse integration with EC-NET 4
  • Sending Alarms from Eclypse to N4 station
  • Importng trends from Eclypse to N4 station
  • Establishing schedules between controllers
  • Building a graphic in an Eclypse controller using envysion (Xpress Envysion template)

Class Logistics Notes:
Please note that the training will still take place from 8:00-5:00 pm Monday through Friday (Friday students will be done when the test is completed). Students should be in a distraction free environment to make sure that they are able to focus during the session. We encourage the students to occasionally use their webcam if possible to allow for better interaction and communication in the virtual environment. We do require each students webcam to be on during the exam on the last day of the course. Please do not hesitate to ask questions during the class! This can be done using the Chat in Microsoft Teams meeting software or verbally.

Target Audience:
This course is intended for Systems Integrators, OEMs, Business Partners and Distributors who have specifically contracted with Distech to sell and service the Distech Controls GFX Software.

Note: End-User customers are also welcome to attend this class in order to more fully understand the full potential of implementation of this product in their facility.


  • Each student is required to have a Windows 7/8/10 based laptop with EC-Net 4, EC-gfxProgram, xPressNetwork Utility, Support Pack and Productivity Enhancing Tools installed.
  • Students will need to install Tosibox Softkey remote access software.
  • Students will be required to have an internet connection in order to access the class.
  • Students must have administrator privileges on your laptop, including the ability to turn off the Windows firewall and to download/install software. Students must also have an internet browser, a recent version of java, and be able to connect to the internet without restriction.
  • Students are expected to have a functional working knowledge of Windows and computers, including: understanding navigation, locating files, folder structures, file paths, browser basics, cut/copy/paste, and using a mouse/keyboard (right/left click) in order to be successful in this class.
  • Students should have a distraction free enviornment for the class. It is also recommended that the student have an additional monitor for use during the class.

This course REPLACES the VT6002 certification. Each student MUST be Niagara 4 Certified and provide a copy of the certification prior to the course. If you are unfamiliar with Niagara or do not have any controls/programming experience, you must take the Niagara 4 Certification class prior to taking the Distech Controls Applications and Controllers Certification course.