Honeywell Spyder Training

1 - 3, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
30261 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Norm Miller Classroom
(248) 591-3560
8 seats remaining

Course Overview:

This class introduces you to the Honeywell Spyder series of programmable unitary controllers and advances to job implementation. Topics include specifications, architecture, commissioning, function blocks, simulation, debugging, downloading, LON network variables, proxy points, time schedules, applications, macros and sample programs. This class trains on both BACnet and LON Spyders.

Course Objectives:

  • Spyder Tool Installation
  • BACnet Router & USB LON Adapter Setup
  • Modes of Operation
  • Devices
  • Physical & Software Points
  • Simple Control Applications
  • Discovering Points
  • Station Migration
  • Debugging & Simulation

Target Audience: Systems integrators, BAS technicians, application engineers or facilities maintenance staff that will will require knowledge of the Spyder tool.

Prerequisites: Student must be certified NiagaraAX or WEBsAX certified

Requirements: Each student is to provide their own laptop computer. Laptop much have a USB LON adapter and cable.