2019 Product Review | Johnson Controls Lunch & Learn Event (FREE!)

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
30261 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Pat Ziemba Classroom
(248) 591-3560
14 seats remaining

This 2019 Product Review Lunch and Learn by Johnson Controls will be a two-hour session highlighting all of their new releases for this year! Highlights will include:

PCT:This will go away after 10.3 and be replaced with software licensing and downloads.

Facility Explorer Appliance 14.7.2:The software is updated to include auto-tagging functions to prepare FX for analytics, hierarchy navigation, and future workflow enhancements!

IP Controller Enhancements with Ring Topology: Discover the new ring topology that prevents single controller failure communications loss using their Ring Manager by Cisco.

New NSB000 Sensors: Now with a newer, sleek display, this sensor family offers single function and multi-function; temp, RH, CO2, and PIR; SKU reduction; Title 24 and fan control; touch display, non-display, w/c, and more!

TEC3000 Thermostat Family: Learn about its updated color touchscreen, BACnet, N2, and Zig bee communications, packaged applications, and more.

The New Field Inspection Tool (FIT): A portable hand held device used to test and troubleshoot the BACnet® protocol MS/TP RS-485 communications bus.

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