PROLON Controller & Applications Technical Seminar (Virtual)

1 day

Class Overview:
Please note this class will be held virtually. The purpose of this class is to introduce and familiarize technical installation and service personnel with navigating the basic functionalities of Prolon controls and Prolon Focus software. By the end of this class, attendees will have been presented with the knowledge and reference materials required to install and configure setup of a single zone unit controller and a basic VAV or VVT zoning system including all available functions and settings both at the individual zone level and the air source controllers. This class will also introduce participants to potential applications, setup, and configuration the FlexIO controller; Prolons most powerful and flexible controller generally used for side loops and advanced or non-standard HVAC system functions within a building.

Class Outline:

  • PL-M2000-RTU(S) Controller for Packaged Rooftop Units, Split Systems and Air Handlers
  • PL-VC2000-PI Controller for stand-alone VAVs or full Zoning Systems (VAV and VVT)
  • PL-M2000-FLX FlexIO Controller for sideloops and monitoring
  • Available I/O for each covered controller program
  • Basic and advanced controller configurations
  • Network layout, hierarchy, and communication wiring
  • Remote access options
  • Locating reference materials
  • Locating updated software

Target Audience:
This class is meant for Mechanical/HVAC contractors who wish to provide their customers with a powerful, computer-based HVAC control system option that does not lock the customer into years of expensive licensing and fees or require detailed computer programming knowledge to manipulate. Class will be targeted specifically for service technicians who will be installing or working with Prolon in the field, but service managers, project managers, estimators, and company owners may also benefit from seeing the capabilities and configuration of Prolon systems.

Suggested Materials:
You may download the current version of Prolon Focus by visiting and clicking the Download Focus v.7.3 link at the top of the page.

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