Niagara 4 Enterprise Security Technical Certification

4 days

Course Overview:

The goal of the 5-day, Niagara 4 Enterprise Security Course is to educate students to a basic level of expertise on implementing security to existing JACEs and Supervisors. Niagara Enterprise Security allows users to integrate, simplify and manage a building's security all from one place. All training equipment will be available for students to utilize, providing a fully hands-on classroom experience. Students who pass the testing at the end of the course will be Niagara 4 Enterprise Security Certified and receive a certificate directly from Tridium.

Course Objectives:

  • Installing Enterprise Secuirty Software
  • Basic Hardware Setup on JACE
  • Access Setup
  • Alarm Services
  • Instrusion Zones
  • Access Zones
  • Elevator Control
  • Threat Level Management
  • Install and Configure Database Software
  • Configure an Enterprise Security Supervisor
  • Joining a JACE to a Supervisor
  • User management
  • Reports
  • Alarm Service
  • Importing Personnel Data
  • Tenants
  • Graphics
  • Milestone Video Integration
  • Photo ID
  • Backing up your system
  • ADA Control
  • Setting TSL Certificates for FOX, Web and Workbench
  • Weigand Formats
  • Integrating Niagara Enterprise Security with BAS

Target Audience:
This course is intended for Systems Integrators, OEMs, Business Partners and Distributors who have specifically contracted with Tridium to sell and service the Niagara 4 Framework.


  • Each student is required to have a Windows 7/8/10 based laptop running a licensed copy of the most current version of WorkPlace (4.11.x.x).
  • Students must have administrator privileges on your laptop, including the ability to turn off the Windows firewall and to download/install software. Students must also have an internet browser, a recent version of java, and be able to connect to the internet without restriction
  • Students are expected to have a functional working knowledge of Windows and computers, including: understanding navigation, locating files, folder structures, file paths, browser basics, cut/copy/paste, and using a mouse/keyboard (right/left click) in order to be successful in this class.

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