BAS Tech 101

Scott Sammarco
3 days
1,795.00 USD

Course Overview: This class is designed to provide the necessary background to install and maintain BAS Control Systems on HVAC equipment. The course features chapters covering everything from Basics of BAS, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, BAS Inputs and Outputs, Programming a Controller, Networking, and Troubleshooting. Each chapter includes LIVE Demos and hands-on lab exercises, working with the hardware and software being used in the field today. The skills learned in this class will translate across all brands and vendors, while some skills and concepts will translate internationally.

Course Objectives: 

  • Introduction to BAS Control Systems: Understand the fundamentals and components of Building Automation Systems, demystifying the industry jargon along the way. 
  • Vendor-Agnostic Approach: Gain exposure to various brands and vendors, ensuring versatility and adaptability in your career. 
  • Real-World Simulations: Engage in practical simulations and labs with the equipment they will expect to see in the field; including motors, pumps, sensors, actuators, BAS controllers, etc. 
  • Installation and Configuration: Learn how to install and configure BAS Control Systems efficiently and effectively. 
  • System Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Develop the skills needed to identify and rectify common issues in BAS equipment, ensuring smooth operations. 

Target Audience: This class is geared towards students that have a background in HVAC, or are mechanical in nature, and who may be looking to apply their knowledge for a career in Building Automation Systems. BAS Tech 101 is tailored for those with a background in HVAC and building controls, but could also benefit individuals with knowledge of IT and programming skills. This course is perfect for recent graduates looking to embark on a rewarding career in BAS, or experienced technicians seeking to upskill their skillset. 

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