EasyIO Certification

Mike Marston
3 days
$850 USD

With the latest EASYIO 32-bit range of DDC products, you can now build your automation solutions from top to bottom, with various OPEN programming tools.  With the EASYIO range of IP DDC Controllers, now available and selling worldwide, the industry is poised to witness a paradigm shift in the Building Management System, DDC and M2M markets by embracing Sedona open code and unrivalled programming features, via the Niagara Network.


  • EasyIO FG Series
  • FG Controller Set-Up, including jumper setting
  • CPT usage
  • Engineering using CPT & FG
  • Creating graphics/FG html5 graphics
  • Backup and restore
  • Setup Modbus & BacNET driver
  • Setup Apptools Sedona Programming
  • Built in SQL, Database Usage, http request and Web Services
  • FG BacNET, IP Client/Server & mstp: Client/Server
  • FG Modbus, IP Client/Server & RTU; Client/Server
  • Example HVAC Apps


  • Each student will need a laptop with administrative privileges, an Easy IO FG Controller (these will be available for purchase from Cochrane Supply) and a Power Supply. 


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