Niagara Enterprise Security

Phillip Stuckemeyer
4 days
$2,100 USD

Course Objectives

The goal of the 4-day Niagara Enterprise Security Certification training course is to provide installation and commissioning orientation as well as configuration and expansion capability training to Licensed resellers and installers of the Niagara Security Appliance. Successful completion of this course will provide the student with the requisite knowledge and confidence to sell, install, and configure the Security Product.

Because the Tridium Enterprise Security system is based on a Niagara Appliance, this course focuses on the configuration of the system, rather than on the design of necessary control logic. Configuration of a simple, single controller system is followed by the incorporation of that original controller into a larger enterprise system. Additional topics include Video Surveillance, Photo Identification, Threat Level Management, and Integration with a Building Automation System.

The class is four days long. A four-hour certification test is administered on the afternoon of the fourth day.

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