EasyIO Advanced Certification

Lim Chiat, Mike Marston
1 day

Agenda and topics covered:

Best Practices to keep applications working efficiently (1.5 Hours)

Learning Objectives:

  • Creating logic to track available memory
  • Creating folders to isolate logic
  • Using NTP to sync time
  • Measuring limits in BACnet Devices Client and Point Count Client / Server, Modbus Device Count and Point Count Master/Slave, P2P points, Max Schedules, Max Web Client Connections, device backups

Taking a deep dive into SQL databases (2 Hours)

Learning objectives:

  • Setup data sources in CPT
  • Building widgets
  • Other Data Sources
  • Using Adaptor Widget from Dashboard

Product Overview (1 Hour during a working lunch)

  • FS32
  • FT
  • Product Roadmap

Email Service (30 minutes)

Learning Objectives:

  • Setup Email Service
  • Sending Emails with Alarms
  • Attaching history in email

Developing custom Kits in CPT (2 Hours)

Learning Objectives:

  • How to use the develop kit function in CPT
  • Creating a Sedona kit
  • Build a Manifest file
  • Built a Sedona object
  • Compile Kits
  • Loading new Kits into controller

Graphics (1.5 hours)

Learning Objectives:

  • Creating graphics for application, monitoring, reporting
  • Creating one graphic and using for multiple integrated controllers.
  • Create your own widget utilizing the adapter Widget (multiple examples)

Prerequisites: Students must have completed CPT Training

Materials: Laptop with CPT loaded, FS32

**NOTE: EASYIO-FS-32 Controller included in price**

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