Blue Ridge Technologies Certification Training

Nick Bare
2 days


The course is designed to certify partners that have been approved by Blue Ridge Technologies to become an Integrator or Distributor of Aperio platform products.The course curriculum is composed of four components:

Course Outline:

  • Product -Develop a thorough understand of products offered by Blue Ridge Technologies.This portion of the training covers the following products:
    • Relay Panel (RP)
    • Retrofit Kit (RK)
    • Retrofit Interior (RI)
    • Zone Control (ZC)
    • Satellite
    • Capacitive Touch Station (CTS)
    • Low Voltage Switch (LVS)
    • Low Voltage Light Sensor (LS)
    • Low Voltage Occupancy Sensor (OCC)
  • Application- Utilize your product knowledge and skills to properly apply Blue Ridge Technologies products to common applications. This portion of the training covers the following:
    • New Construction / Plan and Spec / Design and Build
      • Specification and drawing review
      • Take-off schedule
    • Retrofit
      • Retrofit worksheet
    • BOM and proposal generation
      • Services / scope
  • Engineering - Learn how to transform the application information into engineering documents and programming. This portion of the training covers the following:
    • Engineering schedules
      • Capacities and rules
    • Drawings
      • Typical, riser, and others
    • Programming / configuration using Blue Ridge Technologies Essentials software
      • Network Hardware configuration
      • Building Zones, channels, and apps
    • Integration / BACnet objects
  • Start-up - Learn how to check-out and troubleshoot Blue Ridge Technologies products. This portion of the training covers:
    • Set-up and connectivity using USB and Bluetooth
    • Hardware settings
    • I/O terminations
    • Connection and loading Controller Boards
    • Validation sequences
    • BACnet discovery and integration

Target Audience: Systems integrators, programmers, or technicians looking to to get certified in installing and engineering Blue Ridge Technologies lighting systems.

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