Ford - Niagara 4 Programming Standards

3 days

Course Description:

*This class is mandated by Ford for any Tridium integrations at all Ford properties globally*

The purpose of this class is to provide instructions for installing, upgrading and maintaining Ford Niagara 4 sites using Ford Standard procedures and best practices.  This course describes the current procedures for the Niagara 4 software migration, how to obtain and use the Ford Niagara 4 Standard Station databases as well as how to set up access security on them.

This class is a mandatory 24 hours of instruction and lab work, and will include a final lab that must be passed.  All classroom attendance and lab results will be sent to Ford for review.


Each student must be Niagara AX and Niagara 4 Certified and have a laptop running the latest versions of both Vykon WorkPlace Verisons 3.8 and 4.3.  A current working knowledge of both AX and N4 are required, including; SSL/TLS Certificate knowledge, Niagara 4 Data Modeling (Tag Dictionaries, Tag Rules and Hirearchies), Niagara 4 Migration Utility (N4mig), Workbench Program Service and User Management skills are helpful. 

Course Overview:

  • Tools for developing data and Cyber Security
  • User Management
  • Sample Ford Station & Data Demos
    • Searchability
    • Reuseability 
    • Naming standards for supervisors, JACE stations and devices on sub-networks
  • Histories & Notifications
    • Extensions
  • Batch Editor (Program Service)
  • N4 Migration
  • N4 Graphics
    • Dashboards
  • NEQL & Search
  • Hierarchies

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