Niagara TCP/IP Networking Concepts

Travis Parrent
1 day
$250 USD

Course Objectives

This class will go over various TCP/IP networking concepts and troubleshooting techniques as they relate to the Niagara platform. We will cover the basics of the TCP/IP protocol including IP Addressing, subnet masks, ports, gateways and how subnetting and routing work. We will go over firewall functionality and how and why they work; this will include the concepts of NAT and the use of public vs. private IP Addressing. We will go over DNS and DHCP and its role in TCP/IP networking. Throughout all of this we will keep a focus on not only understanding how these things are supposed to work, but also how to troubleshoot why they may not be working. This class will provide some good answers for Niagara engineers who wonder why those IT guys do things the way they do. If time allows, we will also cover the concepts of Dynamic DNS, VLAN's, troubleshooting the Email Service in Niagara and any other TCP/IP questions students might have.


  • Each student is required to have a Windows 7 (or greater) based laptop with Administrator privileges running Workplace (you will be e-mailed a confirmation page with a link to download a training demo version of the software once you have registered). 
  • Student should have basic Windows knowledge.


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