Networking & Cyber Security for IoT

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3 days
$800.00 USD

Course overview:

Understand different network topologies and industrial protocols; restate the differences between managed and unmanaged switches, demonstrate network redundancy; utilize various infrastructure and I/O devices, as well as software tools. Explain firewalls, routing and VPN; configure a stateful firewall at Layer 2 - 4 to protect a network; setup simple routing and NAT. Demonstrate remote connectivity capabilites with an IPSec VPN.

Course Objectives:

  • Basic networking concepts
  • Industrial protocols
  • Managed vs unmanaged Ethernet switches
  • WLAN
  • High level network design
  • Hands on experience on IP assignments, Web-based Management (WBM), diagnostics and troubleshooting, software tools, network redundancy, others
  • Industrial network security
  • Basic routing concepts, TCP vs UPD and others
  • Firewalls and different types
  • Duplicate IP scenarions and NAT routing
  • Overview of VPN technology
  • mGuard application scenarios and hands on


  • Each student is required to have a Windows 7/8/10 laptop with admin rights, including the ability to turn off the Windows firewall and to download/install software
  • Students are expected to have a functional working knowledge of Windows and computers, including: understanding navigation, locating files, folder structures, file paths, browser basics, cut/copy/paste, and using a mouse/keyboard (right/left click) in order to be successful in this class.

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